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The Kitchen

Our dishes are created according to the season, relying on Mother Nature for inspiration. We source fresh ingredients from the farms of southern Sweden and we take care to select organic and environmentally responsible produce as often as possible.

Your dining experience should be the cherry atop your visit with us. We strive to share our joy of food and cooking with you by offering delicious, healthy, and responsibly sourced meals.

Our Chefs

Daniel Pembert and Tomas Gustafsson run our kitchen. Even with their many years of culinary experience and success, at the heart they remain just two Swedish guys who love to cook. Whether creating a meal to feed 2 or 200, they happily rise to the challenge.

When not in the kitchen, Pembert and Gustafsson can be found, well, in other kitchens. They’re passionate about culinary competition, most recently having won gold in the 2014 World Championship and gold in 2016 Olympics with team Scania Kulinar.

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