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Monday to Friday 11.30 to 14.00

Enjoy fresh dishes with seasonal ingredients and wholesome flavors, all crafted to give you a healthy energy boost for the rest of your day.
Our lunch menu changes weekly. Visit us on Facebook to see this week’s offer. A vegetarian option is always available. Enjoy lunch in the fresh air. Our patio is open from May to September.

Served with homemade bread, a cup of soup, and coffee or tea.

135 kr per person.

Follow us on Facebook to find out what’s on the menu.


Treat yourself by pairing a warm drink with a bit of genuine Swedish chocolate from Malmö Chokladfabrik (Malmö Chocolate Factory). It’s made right here in the city, in a factory that’s been turning out chocolate delights since the 1800s.

visit the Malmö Chokladfabrik website